HZPC has relationships with lots of different stakeholders. There is a different role for each of these stakeholders; the role of employer, purchaser or client, supplier, supporter or producer. We want to be transparent in all we do, with respect to these stakeholders. And we also maintain good relationships within which we can engage in effective dialogue. We deem this so important that we have established it as one of our core values:

“We build long-term relationships and take responsibility for our actions”


In order to ensure we are a transparent organisation, we spend a great deal of time focussing on communication. Examples of communication include: publishing the financial annual report, a bi-annual CSR report, regular growers’ meetings, the publication of our magazine for growers ‘Ruggespraak’ (4 times per year) and the organisation of our annual Potato Days.

We have examined our most important stakeholders and defined them as follows: affiliated growers, affiliated breeders, employees, consumers, customers, governments, (food) science, suppliers, social organisations, certificate holders, umbrella organisations. We enter into dialogue with them in relation to our topics and take action based on their feedback.

Explanatory notes
Actions with reference to this dialogue
Affiliated growers / breeders

‘Connecting Growers’ programme

We would like to see the share of certificates held by active growers increase.

Start in 2021

Expertise (new and existing) about products and growing, increasing sustainability of growing and distribution The topics of product development and improving sustainability and innovation in the chain are placed on the agenda by means of growers' and breeders' meetings Organisation of return sessions in small groups at growers' premises to discuss impact
Employees In dialogue with employees about satisfaction, vitality and health within HZPC

Participation in Great Places to work® in 2017

Raising results for discussion in teams and taking action to realise improvements
Personal conversations

Stakeholder consultation for testing CSR policy
-    customers
-    employees
-    suppliers & partners in the chain



Stakeholder consultation for testing CSR policy

In 2020, a new stakeholders’ consultation will take place. The last consultation was organised in 2016. Alongside these consultations, we listen and respond to interim feedback from our stakeholders.

The input from the consultation and the interim feedback is then used to form the current CSR organisation.

Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC) The CCC wants to generate, develop and share high-quality knowledge on carbohydrates, to promote innovation and to contribute to a healthy and sustainable society. Public-private partnership between 19 companies and 6 knowledge institutions. Completed in 2017 Product development (e.g. Sunlite and the Leon&León in 2019).
CIP (International Potato Centre) Maintaining genetic diversity  CIP provides sustainable solutions to problems around the world, such as hunger, poverty and the disappearance of natural raw materials. In the Netherlands, HZPC will bring this initiative to the attention of various parties in the potato sector to see whether the link between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and benefit sharing for the safeguarding and maintenance of biodiversity can be rolled out further in the future.
Experts from the worlds of business, government, research & development and social and political interest groups (including Agriterra, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, LTO Nederland, IDH, LEI Wageningen) Feeding a growing urban population 'Small farmers big deal' calls upon agri-food enterprises, the Dutch government and knowledge institutions to give farmers' organisations and cooperatives in developing countries a bigger role to play in Dutch trade, aid and investment policy. We jointly consider the strategy and content of the campaign and place the campaign topic on the agenda in our network.



Connecting Growers programme

We would like to remain an organisation run for and by growers. Twenty years ago, almost all of the certificates for our association were in the hands of active growers. In 2020, this figure has fallen to less than 50%. This is due to the fact that many growers, who are no longer actively involved in growing, hold onto their certificates. These certificates, therefore, rarely change hands.  The interests of active growers are different to those of inactive growers. So, we want to ensure that they are properly represented and are able to own certificates.

We would like active growers to be better represented. That is why, with our 2021 harvest, we are implementing the ‘Connecting Growers’ programme. This programme will enable us, at HZPC Holding, to buy certificates worth 1.5 million euros on the market and give these to our active seed (potato) growers in the European Union. The certificates will be shared out in proportion to the acreage of seed potatoes per HZPC grower.

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