Who we are


Feeding the world: responsible food for the world's population

We feed millions of people around the world with our potatoes every day. 'Feeding the world' is our reason of existence. The potato as a crop makes it possible to produce good food that is rich in vitamins and carbohydrates in a short period of time and with relatively little water. This is however not possible everywhere nor under any circumstances. We want to contribute to the optimisation of global potato cultivation. Research, development and knowledge sharing are of great importance here.


“We drive the development of responsible food for the world population.”

Together with our growers, producers and consumers, we are committed to improving research and the cultivation and usage of potatoes all over the world. That is why we continuously strive to develop efficient varieties, which are adapted to different usage, climates and growing conditions.


“We inspire the potato value chain worldwide by delivering innovative products and services.”

As a reliable and ambitious leading player in the world of potatoes, we want to inspire the whole potato value chain. We believe that sharing knowledge, growing and developing together is key to deliver added value in the chain and to strengthen our leading position in the international market.

Solidarity with our growers

We are proud of our growers in the various countries. They supply high-quality seed potatoes and their companies are inextricably linked to us. This also implies mutual care and concern. Growers make an effort to achieve high quality. One of our corporate objectives is to pay our growers of seed potatoes a competitive and fair price in the various countries.

Collaboration in the chain

We want to improve our knowledge of potatoes on a constant basis in order to develop new varieties that meet the requirements of our clients along with our breeders. To set us apart from the competition, we want to provide added value to all parties in the value chain and we also want to be a reliable partner.

Special shareholder structure

HZPC Holding is a company with strong stakeholder ownership. This means that we go beyond creating shareholder value to achieve a sustainable result for our growers, breeders, employees, and for society. The Association HZPC (owner of the HZPC shares) has certified all the shares. Only (former) growers, (former) breeders and (former) members of staff may purchase and hold certificates. HZPC Holding is therefore literally a company of growers, breeders and employees and they have a say in the direction of the company. They finance the business with risk capital. Certificate holders can become members of the Association.