Arranging and ensuring sustainability


Sustainability has, for quite some time, been part of our operations within HZPC. Our product is naturally sustainable. Our special shareholder structure is of importance for sustainable business operations. Our important stakeholders – growers, breeders and employees – are able to participate in our company by purchasing certificates. Joint ownership ensures shared values and interests.

Integrity Counsel

An Integrity Counsel was set up in 2015 where employees, customers and growers can be assisted with questions concerning integrity, or report possible violations of integrity.

Corporate governance

HZPC Holding B.V. is a two-tier board company with an Executive Board and an independent Supervisory Board. The latter appoints the members of the Executive Board.

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CSR organisation

We have re-organised CSR within HZPC as a result of a change in the management structure in 2015/2016.


The CSR Steering Committee is new. The group consists of four management representatives, including our CEO. The Steering Committee directs the working groups, formulates the objectives, and is responsible for decision-making. The CSR Steering Committee meets at least four times a year and reports to the Executive Committee. Our CEO is ultimately responsible for sustainability.

Most of the policy topics are embedded in the daily organisation. The management team reports these topics to both the Executive Committee and the CSR Steering Committee. For those areas where there is still little assurance, or where acceleration is necessary, a working group has been set up.

Five working groups will be set up in 2018. The working groups consist of expert teams that draw up and manage the action plans. The representatives of these working groups and the policy owners within the management team meet at least twice a year to share progress. Although sustainable packaging is not a material issue, we think it is important to make improvements in this area. A working group will be set up to this end.